Janita and me


I am starting this blog on the suggestion of my lovely fiance Janita. I will be traveling to Orlando, Florida on Thursday for business and we are not sure how much we will be able to keep in touch while I am there so she suggested I start a blog. Well here it is.


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3 thoughts on “Janita and me

  1. JD

    Well, you are very lucky to a) be going to the States and b) for having such a cleaver fiance`! travel safely and enjoy

  2. Andrea

    Good morning,

    Have just taken a look at the pictures from the past year., very nice Tristan. Seems you are not only enjoying your work, but getting to see so much as well. It is great to hear from you. I have seen a lot of classmates recently, it is amazing to see where they have moved on to. Justin is in Cranfield now doing his masters and flying and enjoying it immensely.

    Have a great Christmas and New Year to you both, I will be going sea kayaking in Thiland….can’t wait.

  3. Stephen Reid

    Dude!!! Finally some contact, thought you had dropped off the face of the earth! Good to hear from you, you seem to be having a blast! I just spent 2 months in switzerland and Italy Sept & Oct awesome time! Will mail you, Stephen.

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