Poledra’s Turn

Poledra : 33 wizard : 26 sage : Faith of Heroes

Poledra in Butcherblock

After spending the last two weeks levelling Skog up to 11, it was finally Poledra’s turn to begin exploring the new EOF expansion to Everquest 2. I fell off the path where the above screenshot was taken shortly afterwards and then spent time wandering around Butcherblock and venturing into Lesser Faydark. Er… the latter was fairly scary with the only part of it I could see being full of level 59 mobs who were really agro and could see through invisibility. I made it to a monks camp but was killed in one hit on my way back to the zone point. I took a look at Butcherblock and then had to log out for the night and go and do some research. I didn’t find any decent quests in the areas I visited in the new zones so I need to do some more exploring. I did however choose tinkering as Poledra’s secondary tradeskill.

Only one more day of work to go before I leave for Orlando. Hopefully tomorrow I can wake up on time. With that in mind…. over and out.

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