American Breakfast

On Thursday evening we landed at Washington an hour and a half later than expected which means we missed the connecting flight to Orlando. Fortunately SAS was very organized and had already arranged another flight and we simply had to collect the boarding passes. Customs and security checks were fairly uneventful.

After arriving in Orlando we took the scenic route down International Drive to our hotel, the Quality Inn. As it happens, there are two Quality Inns in International drive and the travel agent had booked us in the wrong one, i.e. the one farthest away, and not in walking distance of the conferance venue. Arg! Sleep was very welcome.

American Breakfast.

On Friday morning we had breakfast at a place with a breakfast buffet which had everything from crumpets, to porridge, to jelly, ice-cream and chocolate brownies. It was very different and went down rather well. Er… it was also very, shal we say… unhealthy.Thanks to Jörgen’s efforts and the guys still in Sweden, we managed to change hotels to the one closer to the convention centre where the conferance will be. Yay! So after trying to check in, they told us to come back at 3:00. We couldn’t go to Sea World or Universal Studios and leave the bags in the car so we went shopping intead. Another remarkable experience. The shops here are BIG.

Outdoor World.

We went on to an outdoor shop. Huge and more fishing rods than I have ever seen in my life. They also had clothing, boats, archery equipment and anything else you could think of. Had supper at a steak house. The Swedes love steak. They go mad about it! Steak is fairly rare in Sweden because meat is so expensive there.

Finished off the evening with some work while having coffe at Starbucks. Worked until the laptop died and then returned to bed… well almost. Another group arrived from SAAB and we waited to greet them. Then off to bed again. Second attempt lucky… over and out

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