I began Saturday with another colourful breakfast at Ponderosa’s.
After this we met the other guys who had come from SAAB and went together to Seaworld here in Orlando.

We started at a place called arctic adventure or something like that. It consisted of some movies about the artic and then a violant motion ride in a simulated helicopter. The motion and the visuals were not synchronised and all I can say is that this very nearly added a degree of freedom to my stomach. Ugh. It was awful. Then we walked through an arctic display as well as some tanks and cages, one of which contained a fast asleep polar bear.

Next was the orca (also called shamo or killerwhale) show. This was very American, being loud, flashy and big. The animals were beautiful though.

We wandered around the park and got hamburgers for lunch. These were rather expensive being $11 for essentially a cheesburger and chips and a soft drink. This equates to approximately R80.

Pirate Otter

Pirate Otter

Next we watched another show featuring two sea lions and an otter. The whole show was based on a pirate story and was very funny with an almost British sense of humor.

Dolphin Arena

Dolphin Arena

The final show we went to was kind of a cross between a dolphin show and cirque de sole. It was very different and very entertaining.

Next was a visit to Starbucks for more coffee since it was too early for supper. Had super at a resturant called TGI Fridays. Had a very good rack of ribs and my first chocolate milkshake since I was in SA in October. This really hit the spot.

Finally we worked until about midnight and then fell into bed. I’m not really sure how much sense I made towards the end because I was half asleep for the last hour at least.

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