Sunday we actually did some work after, yes you guessed it, another colourful breakfast.
Enjoyed a several course meal in the form of a buffet lunch. After the meeting I tries to collect my registration for the conference but they had made some mistake which they needed to fix so i need to go back in the morning. Honestly, I’d think that at a simulation conference (I/ITSEC) someone would know how to work a computer well enough to get the registration right. Oh well.

Had a drink at a bar just across the road from the hotel and then moved on to a restaurant called the Red Lobster. Seafood for supper which unfortunately I couldn’t finish because I was still full from lunch. Also had a large cocktail drink which was available in both regular size (like we get at home in SA) or in double size which came in a glass like a giant martguerita glass. Er.. so if this doesn’t make too much sense I blame the drink.

Finished up and off to bed again. Very tired. over and out

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