I was very tired when I woke up on Monday morning. I got my regstration for the conferance but had to stand in line to register for CEUs (Continuing Education Units) because they had not been added to my registration as requested. Succeeded with that and then walked back to the hotel. Visited the post office which was fairly productive and although it was very busy it didn’t take long because there were four clarks on duty and the line moved quickly.

Back to the hotel, changed and then onto the first tutorial at the conferance which was called “A Managers Guide to the Universe” and wasn’t really all that interesting. The second one was about the Delta3D simulation suite and was really fascinating and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Then on to the real work and spent the next four hours wondering around the exhibition with my colleagues. Went out to an indian resturant for supper. This was the most expensive meal I have eaten here! $35 for a briyani which consisted of two pieces of beef, two shrimps, two pieces of cauliflower, two pieces of lamb, a sprinkling of vegatables ad a vast majority of rice! What a rip off! I never even got half way through the rice.

Finished the evening with coffee at Starbucks. This seems to be becoming a habit.

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One thought on “I/ITSEC Day 1

  1. JD

    Very cool to see you are having a great time. Sea world really looks great. The Americans are really all about bigger and better, I think it all about thier insercurities and not wanting the world to forget them.
    As for the array of food you seem to have tasted and eaten, hope your walking around the exhibitions will work it all off!
    Have a fantastice time. Over and out

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