Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan

Delays, delays and more delays was the name of the game trying to get home from Orlando to Linköping. Whew!

First we were delayed by two and a half hours at Orlando because the weather was too bad to land at Chicago which only had limited runway capacity due to some unkown reason. By the time we landed in Chicago, our plane to Copenhagen had already left and so we founda hotel to spend the night. This involved another wait in the cold and rain for the hotel shuttle to arrive.

The next morning we took the subway into downtown Chicago and walked around. This photos of Lake Michigan was taken on that walk. We also tried to find the Hard Rock Cafe but unfortunately got the directions garbled and never made it.

Headed back for Chicago where the inter-terminal rail transfer system was not working properly resulting in a trip from terminal 2 to terminal 5 taking in excess of half an hour instead of a more reasonable 10 minutes. After this we finally managed to board the plane and were airborne on our way home.


We were woken up this morning by the Lucia celebration put together by the airline staff. The legend of Lucia tells of a lady of noble birth who was martyred for her Christian beliefs. December 13 is a traditional day of celebration in Scandinavia where groups of girls/ladies dress up in white robes with one chosen to be Lucia. She wears a crown of lighted candles and leads the procession. The celebration is held early in the morning at schools and work and is accompanied by glög (hot spiced red wine), ginger bread cookies and saffron buns. Traditional songs are also sung.

After landing in Stockholm at 07:50, lo and behold, there was a problem with the parking gate and so we sat on the taxiway for 15 minutes while it was fixed. We missed the first flight to Linköping and with the next flight only leaving at 14:30 we decided to take the train instead. Finally arrived home (after a brief visit to the office) at about 13:45. The total travel time from when we were dropped at the airport in Orlando was 47 hours. Arg.

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