Photo Modeler


Ive been working with Photo Modeler lately. Its a pretty awesome package which produces three dimensional solid models from a number of photographs of an object.

I have started modeling the Gripen seen in this photo. Its been quite difficult actually and the software seems to be having problems orientating the photographs correctly. I have retaken them a number of time in order to try and improve my reference points and such.

On the plus side, I have gotten the opportunity to play with my camera during work time. Unfortunately my camera seems to have developed a rattle so I will go to a camera shop on Saturday and see if they can tell me what might be wrong.

I am investigating 50mm fixed lenses to do the architectural modeling I will be moving to next. Using a zoom lens is a bit of a pain because you always need to make sure that the focal length is the same as that used for calibration. If you forget, you have to retake all the pictures.

This week has been rather interesting but thoroughly unproductive. Hopefully the weekend will be an improvement and I can really get going with my research. I would also like to go somewhere to take photos. Maybe orienteering at Pelindaba on Sunday will provide the opportunity I am looking for.

Over and out…

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