Yes, I’ve been slacking on the photo a day project since January. I finally updated it with a few extra photos today so maybe I’ll manage to get it going again. I’m still behind though and have to add some more photos from Port Elizabeth.

Life has been pretty hectic lately although I have had some small chances to relax. After returning from Port Elizabeth, Janita and I decided to take a little break from wedding preparations. We were supposed to start again on Monday but are still trying to get going.

Work is going well and I’m back to writing code. I managed to add a few new features to TRANTOO and I’m now rewriting one of my colleagues programs in order to add a GUI.

Photography is pretty slow at the moment, mainly because I hardly have time to touch sides. Driving to Pretoria every day seriously impacts on what I can do after work. Now that winter is approaching and its getting dark sooner by the time I get home its usually dark. Its not really safe to go running by myself after dark either so my training is suffering. That said, I did really well in the Orienteering last Sunday, coming 10th overall. I am really pleased to have finally made the top 10 at an ‘O event.

Oh yea, almost forgot. Its been good to play EQ2 again now that I finally have working broadband at home. Skog achieved level 21 on Saturday as well as an extra AA point. If I remember correctly I also managed to complete a writ.

Yesterday I went to a presentation by Jane’s (publishers of Jane’s All The Worlds Aircraft) at Grand Central airport. It was good to be back in a aircraft oriented environment again . I wish I could go and learn to fly there but thats going to have to wait unfortunately. I am hoping to start lessons by the end of this year.

Over and out…

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