This is another photo I took on my visit to Port Elizabeth at Easter.

I’m sitting at work on Friday morning and am pretty exhausted. I am really keen for the weekend but I must do some serious work on my masters research or else I’m screwed. Last Saturday I played EQ2 all day which didn’t help either.

I am interested to know if anyone actually reads my ramblings. If you do won’t you please just leave a comment with you name. I will carry on using photos from that trip as an excuse to post something.

Gotta go and continue writing my GUI now. It’s looking really good so far and when I am done I will make sure that it can be used as a template for a front end of any of our simulation applications. I will also hopefully be able to add it as a module to TRANTOO and publish it on surceforge. I’d say that I must very soon put together a list of features which must be complete for TRANTOO to be released for the first time.

Over and out…

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One thought on “Seagull

  1. Pygmea

    I like your photo – it really does perfectly capture a moment in time.

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