View from Home

View from Home

I suppose that if it wasn’t for the power lines this would be a pretty boring photo. However the power lines are certainly an eyesore and are right outside my house. Janita and I were sick in bed yesterday and she still is. I suppose that I should be but I felt that I had to come to work today because I was feeling a little bit better. For some reason I always feel guilty when I skip work, even for a valid reason.

I have been working quite hard at Skog in EQ2. He is now a level 24 Carpenter and a level 23 Swashbuckler. He just move house into the two room acorn in Kelethin. This gives him an extra sales slot in which I have put a bag stand. I have been making quite a lot of money in the game, selling imbued items and furniture. Now I am selling sales displays as well. Oh yes, and I also completed “The Tie that Binds” so now I can teleport directly back to my house.

Skog about to teleport back to Kelethin after a hard seesion of writ grinding

In the above screen shot Skog is about to teleport back to Kelethin after completing a hard session of writ grinding (3 writs and about 5000 status points).

I have been hacking away at simulation code, concentrating on structuring and documenting it nicely. I have also added some minor tweaks to TRANTOO. I’ve even submitted more work for my masters research on Monday. Now I’m moving full steam ahead with code for work since I finally have the clients software up and running correctly! Whew!

Over and out…

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