Friday Afternoon Brain Freeze

Friday afternoon…

You know that feeling when it’s 15:53 on Friday afternoon and your brain just doesn’t want to function any more. You’d rather be going home or doing a million things other than work but you have to sit and wait for the clock to count on until 16:30.

I feel like that right now. I’ve been rather more proactive than usual though as far as making sure that I know where I am and where I’m going with my work.  I’ve gone through all my notes from this week and made a list of things I need to do next week. In a few moments I’ll fill in my time sheet and my own project planning spreadsheet so I know whether I need to panic yet or not.

Right now I would like to be doing any number of things but a few main ones come to mind:

1. Be with Janita (but she’s still at work herself.)

2. Go home (and not have to drive for an hour to get there!)

3. Fly my model glider (but I have to kill another 30 minutes until the end of work.)

Anyway, thats enough of my rambles. I have actually had a very productive week although hugely tiring.  Things I have accomplished this week include:

1. Listening to the organist who will be playing at my wedding.

2. Significant advances in my current project at work.

3. Getting TRANTOO to work in debug mode.

4. Completing the run time plotter for our simulation engine here at work. (This is something I have wanted since I started working 2 years ago.)

5. Two runs around The Innovation Hub. One of these was to the top of the hill on the property (another thing I have been wanting to do since I started working here.)

I made a number of modifications to the blog site today as well. Firstly I figured out how to add  a hit counter, and secondly
I added a widget which previews some of my flickr photos using the rss feed from my flickr site.

And now I’m off to round up my work day and then enjoy my weekend.

Over and out…

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