Sky Hawk

Sky Hawk


This photo shows my flying field. Yes it looks dodgy at first glance but it has some significant advantages.

1. It is away from anything I shouldn’t crash into at work.

2. The power lines are far enough away not to cause any problems.

3. The grass is springy and catches the plane without damaging it when it lands/crashes.



I had two successful flights today and they were consecutive in the same session. I finally seem to be getting the hang of this flying thing. It’s just as well too because I don’t know how many more crashes the plane can take. When I was standing outside at lunch the wind felt non-existent but as soon as the plane was in the air it was being thrown around like a paper doll. It was actually quite tricky to fly because it did not always behave as expected and required some considerable patience to get through a few awkward moments. These are the moments where if you try and correct it you end up over correcting and crashing. In moments like these the only thing to do is watch and pray.

I did try flying after my run last night but it was really too dark and I am just lucky that I didn’t crash. I did have a couple of close calls, one in particular where I aborted the landing on final approach and applied full throttle to climb away and go around. Well, I’ve learnt the hard way that its never a good idea to apply full throttle suddenly to this aircraft because it flies straight up and stalls at which point you just have to hope you have enough time to recover. One of the characteristics of a stall when you only have rudder control is that you lose a lot more height than normal because the stall looks like the aerobatic maneuver known as a stall turn and you need to drop a long way to regain enough speed for the rudder to be effective again.


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