A new Arasai is born

I finally got some time to log into EQ2 on Saturday after downloading the new content on Friday night. I created a new Arasai named Kafalski. I’m never any good at inventing character names so I just typed random letters and then rearranged them into something usable. I think next time I’ll let the cat walk all over the keyboard to generate the random letters…


I really like the wings on the Arasai and I much prefer them to Skog’s wings (my main Fae). I reckon that Kafalski is quite sexy! I may try and change the colours of Skog’s wings at some stage if thats possible. I think that the barber next to the Library in Kelethin might do it but I’m not sure.

A momentous battle
A momentous battle

The new zone, Darklight Woods is pretty cool and certainly full of eye candy (even on my medium settings). Just make sure you have some form of particle effects turned on.

Guard of honour
Guard of honour

The new NPC models are also pretty awesome and here Kafalski poses with a guard on an uberwarg. I managed to get her to level 10 in about 4 hours playtime. I don’t think I’ll continue leveling her very much but I will keep her around as a fun diversion.
She is a Coercer and as I am finding that class very similar to Poledra, my wizzy I played as my main up to level 34 and the release of EOF (I know this is a very narrow minded statement as I have only leveled her to 10 but deal with it.)

I am still enjoying Skog the swashbuckler so I’m not about to change my main anytime soon. I find the battles are far more interactive with the swashbuckler than with the caster. With the swashy you actually have to think and move around and use the right combat art at the right time. With the caster you just have to stand and cast as many spells as you can until the target dies from internal hemroging.

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