Camping a “wind felled tree”

Firstly a big thanks to the guys at EQ2~Daily for linking my blog on their site.

After having my fun with the Arasai last weekend I went back to playing Skog on Saturday. I started by visiting the barber next to the bank in Kelethin, where one can buy a “makeover” for a character’s appearance. Having bought one, I decided to play first and do the makeover later when I logged out again. After looking at Skog with his new legendary chest armour which he got from the heritage quest “In Honor and Service”, I decided that it matched his wings and I wouldn’t give him a makeover after all but the options always there.

Skog travels to the Thundering Steppes
Skog travels to the Thundering Steppes

I needed to increase my mining and foresting skills to level 90 so that I could mine and forest in Butcherblock to get the ingredients for tier 3 carpenter recipes. One of the things that I like the least about Greater Faydark is the scarcity of harvesting nodes so I headed for the Commonlands with two purposes, firstly to increase these skills and secondly to start the heritage quest: “The Return of the Light”. I was pleasantly surprised that the Commonlands was littered with “wind felled tree”s and mining nodes and it took me relatively no time at all to get to mining level 90.

A wind felled tree
A wind felled tree

Unfortunately I didn’t quite get to foresting level 90, only about 70 and although I had intended to get finish up, I lost the plot and zoned back to Kelethin without thinking. It’s a bloody long way from Kelethin to the Commonlands when you have to walk (or in my case float). I did learn a few interesting things about the game along my way though.

I discovered that if you zone into KOS from the Thundering Steppes or Nekyulos Forest you end up in a different zone as compared to if you zone in from Antonica or the Commonlands. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of this zone right now but I’ll look it up next time I’m passing that way.

A cloud with a silver lining (and an engine)
A cloud with a silver lining (and an engine)

Having never leveled a character past 34, I have not had a chance to explore KOS and I had only ever visited it once, zoning in from Antonica. I am still hoping that one day I might get to see at least some of the content although I do have one hell of a long way to go still. On Sunday I went back and zoned into KOS from Antonica where I arrived in Tenebrous Tangle. I had been here before but at level 25, running around these zones gives great achievement experience.

Fae in a waterfall
Fae in a waterfall

The waterfall in the Temple Grounds makes absolutely no difference to the fae who float gently down regardless. My main reason for being in Antonica was to try and finish improving my foresting skill. Well, the foresting nodes that were in such an abundance in the Commonlands were almost non-exitant in Antonica. This seems odd to me because there is much more forest in Antonica. Anyway I decided it would take me too long to run all the way back across Thundering Steppes and then through Nektulos to the Commonlands so I camped the foresting nodes instead. This was almost as exiting as watching paint dry or code compile. Anyway I finally did achieve foresting level 90 after spending about 45 minutes fending off level 17 bears and wolves.

Having aquired the appropriate skills, I returned to Butcherblock where I finished a few more writs and harvested the nodes I’d been after for so long. I need severed fir in order to make furniture and I have discovered why its so damn expensive on the broker. Its as rare as hens teeth! I finally managed to get one and make myself a new salesman’s crate.

All in all I had a very successful weekend. I achieved two adventure levels and its a very long time since I managed two levels in one weekend. I also achieved another AA point and managed to move on to tier 3 harvesting nodes. I wish I had this much time to play more often!

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