Another week ending…

This time last week I had just managed to get my model plane stuck in a tree. I then spent 30minutes looking for it up in the tree tops. I had to return to the place I was standing when it got stuck to eventually find it. I attempted to retrieve it by climbing the tree and shaking the branches but this didn’t work. I eventually spent an hour throwing large branches at it in the hope of dislodging it. All this got me was a shoulder that hurt all weekend!

After abandoning the plane on Friday afternoon, I returned on Monday morning to find that the wind had dislodged it and it had fallen down to th point where I could poke it out with a very large branch which happened to be lying around. It was pretty beaten up but looked flyable so after charging the battery I attempted to fly…

Well it seems to have developed a strange problem with channel 1 on the receiver and this causes jittery rudder behavior and the rudder to lock randomly lock fully deflected in one direction. Needless to say this does not improve the flight characteristics.

It took me until Friday morning to fix the problem (and a few more bundu-bashing trips looking for a crashed plane) and I eventually did it by changing the rudder onto channel 2. This means that I no longer have directional control on my right hand… I was very nervous at first but it seems to work like a charm. I have since had two good flights today with the last one being really awesome. The weather was perfect and I mastered flying left handed without much difficulty. I managed to rack up another 16 minutes of flying time and now I am only down because the battery is dead. Maybe its time to invest in another one.

Anyway, its been a really hard week although its gone really quickly. I have been grinding really hard at work and have managed to finish my current project to within 95% completion. Only validation and a few extra features remaning. I am waiting to find out whether the extra features are necessary or not.

A few of the other things I have been up to this week are: wine tasting to choose a white wine for our wedding, a successful meeting with my MSc supervisors and running again after missing last week. So that’s what I’m off to do now. Run!

Over and out…

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