19 more sleeps…

I got into trouble with Janita on Saturday for not writing about our wedding for more than 2 months so here is an update.

We are really almost there with us preparations. We have organized suits to hire and I will be wearing a waistcoat if you can believe that. First time in my life.

We have organized flowers for both the church and the people. We have also tasted numerous bottles of red, white and rose wines. I’ve actually lost track of how many bottles we’ve tasted but we’ve had a few blind wine tasting sessions (courtesy of Tony, Janita’s dad) to try and choose the best wine for the occasion. I hope that we’ve chosen good ones now and we will probably go and buy them later this week.

Janita’s dress is apparently almost complete (although I have been strictly denied almost all information on this process.) On the other hand, she knows exactly where we’re going on honeymoon (Mc’Donalds) and I have told her almost everything about the play pen they’ve offered us. I phone to confirm with them the other day and everything is ready.

We also have our order of service sorted out and have chosen all our hymns and music. We still have to give the DJ for the reception a list of music we want. We also have to choose a song for our first dance. We are hoping that the my family will be an inspiration for that during the dancing lessons they will give us when they arrive a week before the wedding.

We’ve finished all the almonds and table name tags. We have rsvp’s from almost everybody and we will chase up the stragglers this week.

I can’t believe that we are 20 days away from the big day. We have been engaged for over 17 months now and we have been counting down for so long. It seems like just the other day we were at Carolyn’s wedding and we had 20 weeks to go to our own, now we’ve got 20 days!

I think I will find out how to give Janita permission to post on my blog so that she can record her side of the story. I will try and post more updates as we get closer and closer.

That’s all for now.

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