500 Hits & Learning to group!

Well my blog reached 500 hits last Friday and I am surprised to say the least. The majority of these are a result of my EQ2 posts which were linked on EQ2-Daily.com.

Well what a weekend I’ve had as far as EQ2 goes. I haven’t actually played all that much, maybe 6 to 8 hours in total, but I gained 2 adventure levels and had the most fun I’ve had in the game for a while.

Now I’m not the most social person in real life and this carries through into my game and means that I spend most of my time soloing. I haven’t ever grouped with Skog and have actually been avoiding it (sort of). The last time I grouped was with Poledra, my wizard and that was in 2006. On Saturday night I decided to take the plunge and put up the LFG (looking for group) flag. In truth I was getting kinda bored and most of the quests I was busy with required me to group in order to get any further. It seems that every time I start getting bored with this game something comes along and makes it fun again. This happened earlier in the year when I joined my new guild (Council of Heroes) and started doing writs and HQ’s (heritage quests). Anyway, back to the plot: after spending awhile chatting to people and joining a few groups who disbanded right away I started to think that maybe grouping wasn’t all it was cracked up to be anyway. I am trying to complete the Brell Deity quest which requires that one harvest sacred ore from two location in Antonica and two locations in Commonlands. The quest is tagged as heroic and I was attempting to solo it at level 27. So I headed over to Blackburrow in Antonica to try and get the piece of ore I needed from there. As I zoned into BB (Blackburrow), I was invited to join a group. I was quite surprised but it turns out that they were standing just on the inside preparing themselves. I was excited to be part of a group again and as luck had it, Ignatio was learning to tank so I was able to pick up some pointers on the way through. I mentored down so the experience (xp) wasn’t the best but a huge thanks to Gjea and Ignatio for a fun time and the beginnings of an education in grouping.


When I logged in on Sunday I immediately put up my LFG flag and settled down to wait. The next step in the deity quest was to mine ore in The Fallen Gate. While waiting for a group I attempted to get this ore. The mobs were all level 20 to 24 but were triple up heroics and at 27 I just couldn’t get to the ore. I kept sneaking all the way up to it and getting spotted by a mob that could see invisibility at the last moment. My next group had only one objective in mind: kill Paddlefoot. I started the party by running straight into Paddlefoot on my way from Commonlands (he is on the west side of the river in Nektulos when running from the Commonlands zone in point). Needless to say he killed me and Question who was waiting for me to arrive. It took another 5 minutes to revive, rebuff and assemble the group all in the same place. Note to self: just because you are in a group with someone doesn’t mean you should follow them! A question for Question: have you ever thought of giving your character the surname “Mark”? Anyway, the group disbanded immediately after successfully killing Paddlefoot so I headed back to Fallen Gate. Another note here is that it was really strange to have so many guild mates in the same group. I’d never grouped with any of them before.

New group, new level
New group, new level

I had given up on Fallen Gate and was heading to the Wailing caves to see if I could have more luck there in retrieving the last piece of ore when I got invited to another group. And I was in luck, they were inside Fallen Gate. I joined them and they were kind enough to continue my education in grouping. I managed to get to level 28 as well and I learnt the following about grouping with a swashbuckler:

  • Target through the tank to avoid breaking any mezzes which someone else may have put in place. To do this target the tank and then you automatically target anything he/she has targeted.
  • When the tank’s health goes red, EVAC!
  • Create a macro which shows the target of your mez in group say.
  • Be careful that AOE’s don’t break any mezzes.
  • Don’t attempt to disarm a chest until after the fight is over!
  • Group stealth is really useful.

After I failed to evac and we wiped, we left Fallen Gate in order to mend and unfortunately we also lost half the group. After running to the cross roads to mend we returned and by this time we had a full group again. Once back inside we managed to kill Shadowfang (a named snake) and I was finally able to retrieve the Brellian Ore I needed. So now I only have to get the ore from the Wailing Caves.


I thought this screen shot would make a good panoramic if cropped correctly. It was taken somewhere deep inside. We continued hacking our way through the mobs in Fallen Gate for a while and the xp I was getting was so good…

Level 29
Level 29

…that it wasn’t too long before I dinged level 29. Only one more level to go until tier 4! I must say that I was rather disappointed with the combat arts (ca’s) I received at levels 28 and 29 because they were nothing new, simply upgrades to existing ca’s. At this stage I had to go and the group decided to disband. I evacuated everybody to the entrance and we said our farewells. Thanks to everybody in the group for a great time and for all you help and education.

P.S. If you’re wondering why I have put the translations of the well know acronymns such as LFG and HQ in this post… Its because it bugs me when I read something where the reader expects me to know what the acronyms mean and I don’t have a clue. I am assuming that there are still people out there who might not know these acronyms and I hope that this will help them.

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2 thoughts on “500 Hits & Learning to group!

  1. I love linking to your content 😉 It is always supurb.

  2. Thanks Cyan. What a fantastic compliment!

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