Night lights on the freeway

Night lights on the freeway

29 June 2007
Canon EOS 400D
EF-S 28-55mm
13″ @ f8.0

I used DPP to set the white balance to “White flourescant light” and increase the sharpness from 3 to 5.

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2 thoughts on “Night lights on the freeway

  1. Interesting.

    If you are prepared to alter the editorial content of the image, you might want to remove the second sign board (top, left) which obscures the light trail. (clone it out)

    I like the way the light trail lines lie parallel to the lines on the first sign.

    I’d have cropped the image so that the first sign and the light trails and, possibly, the lights on the horizon were the only subjects. The lamps on the left don’t add anything. They are more of a distraction.

    Reduce and simplify.

  2. Removing the second sign board would make it feel unnatural because it is very much a part of the freeway environment.

    Cropping out the lights on the left would be difficult becuase they are not a vertical line in the photograph. Cropping them completely would lose some of the light trails on the freeway. I also think that they provide a nicely stationary contrast for the “moving” lights on the freeway.

    I think the only possible crop would be to eliminate some of the dead space at the bottom under the first sign and also the very dark area on the left of the frame. Even cropping the bottom of the frame would be difficult becuase I wouldn’t want to chop off half of the first lamp post.

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