5 more sleeps…

Well, well, well!

Its 15:00 on my last day of work before I go off to get married. Wow!

The work I have been so busy with lately is finally complete and on its way and I can start to relax. Its been an absolute marathon the last two weeks to try and get everything finished on time and I’m pretty buggered now. I am just grateful that I will have a few days to recover before the wedding. It was good to talk to Jörgen this morning and he let me know how things were going in Sweden.

Wedding preparations are almost complete. Janita has done a fantastic job designing the order of service and the menus. This morning we recieved the last of the information we need for the order of service so they can be printed tonight or tomorrow. The menus will have to wait untill tomorrow night becuase we are still unsure about the vegetables.

Our first international guests arrived on Friday and Janita and I went out for drinks with Amanda on Saturday night. Good old Mugg and Bean, one of those resturants where I walk out feeling stuffed after only a slice of cheese cake. My family arrive tomorrow night and more of Janita’s family trickle in throughout the rest of the week. Our friends are all arriving towards the end of the week.

I am really looking forward to “relaxing” tomorrow and, while Janita and I have a lot to do, just being able to sleep late is all I really need. My idea of sleeping late at the moment is to wake up after 7.

Gotta go now since I have a bit of wrapping up to do here at work before I leave.

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