Wow… that went by quickly

They say that time flies when you’re having fun. Well I can honestly say that time has never gone quicker than during my wedding and honeymoon.

I’m back at work today and it feels so strange. Before I left my boss warned me that it would be no time at all before I was back at my desk but I never realized it would be like this.

What an awesome and life changing experience the last two weeks have been. Janita and I were married on the 7th of July and by all accounts it was a beautiful wedding. We honeymooned at Tenahead Mountain Lodge and were waited on hand and foot for six days while indulging in activities like walking, skiing, horse riding and lots and lots of eating.

And now we’re back and it seems almost unreal. Our next task is to blog the experience in detail and with photos so this brief post is just a very very short summary. Over the next few weeks we will sort out all the photos and collect and document our thoughts and some of our experiences here on these pages.

For now, over and out…

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