The day after

Ok, please bear with me. I know there are a lot of pictures in this post and that they may take a long time to download but there is simply so much that happened and these represent only a small portion of the story.

Janita and I went to breakfast at the CCJ on the Sunday morning after our wedding and when we returned to the Lodge to pack our things and get ready to leave, Dots (our car) was completely clean. When we emerged half an hour later, ready to go, she had been painted with shaving cream and decorated with balloons. She even had a tin can tied behind the exhaust. By pure chance the perpetrators timing had been absolutely perfect, to catch us while we were packing.

Just Married
Left to right: Tony, Janita and Tristan

After a slow drive to number 52 (average 30 km/h) we found the culprits, one of whom is pictured with us in the photo above. Margo was the second contributor to the decorations! Tony couldn’t wait to show his lounge where we found a serious pile of gifts waiting for us.

What a lotta loot!


Number 52 was also full of left over flowers and other things, such as wedding cake…

The best cake ever
Left to right: Jim, Margeurite, Tony, Janita and Margo

After meeting and greeting everybody and indulging in plenty of cake, Janita and I settled down to open our gifts.

The wonderful packet from Margo and family

This took us about two hours and we had an audience the whole way through.

Celeb Wedding
Left to right: Tony, Margo, Colleen, Gillian, Jim

Shirley and Bev found the poster on their way to the reception. What can I say? Its nice to be recognized.

What a great day it was and thanks to all those involved in the cooking and especially to mum for the lemon meringue!

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