When computers die…

Wondering whats happened to me?

Quite a lot lately in fact. Since the wedding life has been rather busy what with going back to work and everything. Janita and I are busy practicing hard for Deryck’s wedding next Friday and I just haven’t had time for blogging. In fact, if you’ve been waiting for the story and pictures from our honeymoon you’ll be waiting a few weeks longer I’m afraid as we  simply don’t have the time at the moment.

To add the cherry on the top, my laptop died on Monday morning. It decided it was tired of life and simply capitulated. One moment I was reading a pdf document and the next I was staring at a blank screen. The good news is that it will be repaired under warranty. The bad news is that it will take two weeks for a replacement motherboard to get here from Europe. I never realized how dependent I was on that machine until I suddenly didn’t have it anymore.

So now I am using one of the work machines and trying to make do. Thankfully I managed to find a fairly recent address book which I had backed up to the external drive at home. This means that at least I still have most of my email contacts.

And now I must go back to work. Losing my laptop has delayed me by a day or so and I have a deadline next Wednesday so I can’t mess around.

Over and out…

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