Monday, oh monday!

Monday was an early and exciting start, it started with going to bed in the wee early hours and then getting up to go just a few hours later. My packing was done as I was still non-the-wiser as to where we were off to.

Our journey started by heading in the direction of Lanseria Airport and so my mind started working over time as to possible destinations in the northern areas of South Africa, then to boggle my mind we turned south onto the N1, and yes we then pulled into the McDonald’s at Beyers Naude. We had a good laugh and were then on our way south.

Honeymoon destination a
Honeymoon destination a

I was still trying to not really think to much about it and was quite curious on the other hand. We started off nibbling on wedding cake for padkos and it helped to keep our mind and soul together, later we stopped for breakfast and then carried on south!

We took a turnoff too early and landed in the back end of Bloem but with some vague instructions in Afrikaans from a petrol pump attendant we finally go onto the road to Aliwal North. The land scape all around was as flat as anything

The flat Free State
The flat Free State

We went through all the little towns that I knew from traveling to Queenstown to see my brother at school, so it brought back memories and old stories. We finally got to Aliwal North and then took the road to Barkley East, by now I was really confused as to where we were going, until after Barkley East, where we stared to head into the mountains.

Beyond Barkely East looking into the mountains
Beyond Barkly East looking into the mountains

Eventually on this road I realized that we were going to Tenahead Lodge which lies deep in the mountains beyond the town of Rhodes. This was going to be awesome. We were met in Rhodes by Mel from the lodge and there we left Dots for the week and off to paradise we went. We traveled for an hour into the mountains, up and up the mountains we went and then we saw glinting of the lodges lights.

We were welcomed with a glass of “OB’s” and then Champagne, cheese and biscuits to sooth hungry stomachs. This was more than a dream come true for me, I was being spoilt rotten and was now married to the man of my dreams!

Queen of the night!
Queen of the night!

The room was spacious and warm, what with a fire and a heater to make sure we were toasty! The curtains were drawn and so we were excited to see the view in the morning to get our honeymoon going. We had a wonderful 3 course dinner, starting with Tai tomato soup with mussels, followed by chicken with caramelized onion in a blue cheese sauce, steamed veg, roasted aubergine and paprika, and ending with a delicious orange and raisin sponge cake topped with hot Baileys. We headed to bed with tummies full and very tired bodies, tomorrow was another day.

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