Hurry up and wait

I received the rather distressing news yesterday that the replacement part needed for my notebook did not arrive in the shipment last week. It’s been four weeks now, waiting for the repair. When I first took it in for repair I was told it would take two to three weeks. Now they tell me that four weeks is the normal repair time? I am starting to get frustrated.

So now I must get hold of the hard drive so that I can retrieve the information I need to continue my work. I also need to set up this other computer I have been using as an interim solution with a few more of my normal tools such as Skype. Its a slightly disturbing fact that the computer I am currently using sounds like its preparing to jump in to hyperspace. I fully suspect something to fly out and embed itself in the wall (vibrating violently) with no warning whatsoever. Then the whole thing will go up in a puff of smoke.

My next immediate task (while waiting for interminably slow downloads) is to set up our new linux server. I will try and record my efforts here but the list of tasks looks something like this:

  1. Setup the RAID system.
  2. Lock down the server, allowing only SSH access authenticated using PGP.
  3. Setup the backup system and associated cron jobs.
  4. Setup cvs and subversion servers.
  5. Setup the Mantis bug tracking tool.
  6. Setup an internal TMi website which will contain links to company resources such as my coding conventions document, software, etc.
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