She flies again

My model aircraft flew again yesterday for the first time in a month and a half.

I bought a new set of wings on Monday, but decided that I should fly with the old ones one more time. It took me until yesterday to get the batteries charged and one of the engine mounting screws replaced

Finally she crabbed her way into the air yesterday evening after spending the day waiting for the wind to die down. I have decided to call her “Sky Dancer” because of the way she dances around the sky in even the lightest gust of wind.

I have now replaced the wings and she is sitting on a desk here at work waiting for a chance to fly again (the battery is currently charging so it will be a few hours yet). It feels so much better balanced with the new wings. They sit straight on the fuselage and I have removed the extra weights I had added to get the center of gravity in the correct position. Before flying I will center all the control surfaces since I suspect that it will need very little trim to fly straight and level.

Yesterday it became very obvious to me that I relied on having full power to climb over the trees. Now that it is so much lighter I am hoping that it will climb away very easily.

I suppose that the old wings and fuselage did very well considering the damaged state they are in. They have flown 32 successful flights for a total of 4 hours and 11 minutes in the air. Now that I have learnt to fly again, I am hoping that I can avoid crashes and keep the aircraft in pristine condition.

Until the test flight… over and out…

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