Loaning a laptop & going back to EQ2?

Rectron have been kind enough to lend me an almost identical laptop while I wait for another replacement motherboard to travel around the world to me. It’s great because they installed my own hard drive in the loan machine and it is working the same as ever! Its like having an old friend back again after they’ve been away for a while.

I am sincerely hoping that this means I will be able to play EQ2 again. My subscription won’t expire until the end of the month so I will have plenty of time to try out Legends of Norrath. I am quite excited because I always enjoyed playing Magic The Gathering, but couldn’t always find someone to play with. With LoN, I can play against the computer if I have to! Tonight I will update EQ2, which I expect will take a while since it’s now been 7 weeks since I last played.

I am busy setting up Adobe Creative Suite so that I can do my work as well. Hmmm, I never thought that Adobe CS would form part of my work. Its awesome though because I am learning how to use the tools for work and will be able to use them for my photography as well!

By tomorrow, I should be able to post pictures again. I will probably spend a lot of tonight sorting out my life (and making sure I have backed up my hard drive afterwards.) I will finally be able to download all my photos as well as finish the posts about our honeymoon. Until then…


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