Photo critique: Flowers


Now that I have my laptop back and can once again upload photos I am going to try and resume my once a week photo critique. Stephen are you listening?

I took the above photo of the flowers in the garden at my brother in law’s (Deryck’s) house last Sunday morning. I was experimenting with the zoom lense and explaining some of the little I know about photography to my father in law (Tony).

When I finally got my laptop back and could once again upload photos I was especially pleased with this one. The camera was set to JPEG so I tried not to manipulate the image to much. The only adjustment I made was to increase the contrast by 20%. This gave it that almost surreal, too perfect look of many of the photos I have seen on Flickr lately. For examples of some unbelievable photos, check out the Eye Candy pool. I think that the contrast could maybe be increased even further by another 10% but I don’t want to lose the splash of blue in the background. I have absolutely no idea where it came from but like it anyway becasue it adds a sense of surrealism to the shot, almost like it’s the Northen Lights.

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