Flying at Hartebeestpoort Dam

Flying at Hartebeespoort Dam

Unfortunately I haven’t managed to get out with mycamera this week so I don’t have a photo critique. I have been spending a lot of time looking at other peoples photos on Flickr. I have noticed that if the composition is good but the colours are a bit bland, it is very easy to get a striking shot just by increasing the contrast every so slightly and maybe increasing the saturation. This makes some of the awesome looking shots on Flickr seem not quite so hard to obtain. I would very much like to know to what degree some of the shots on Flick have been edited in PhotoShop.

A few weeks ago, Janita and I went orienteering at Oberon, near Hartebeespoort Dam and I took my plane with. The orienteering was tough but afterward I had a great flight in fairly windy conditions. I’m getting quite confident though as far as takeoffs, landings and general handling goes, so I wasn’t too troubled. I still have enough close calls to keep me from being over confident. It was great to have Janita taking photos of the plane in flight and she did a good job.

Low pass

I’m having a lot of fun flying lately and am now almost at 7 hours flying time. Today I managed to glide properly for the first time ever (with this aircraft). I found a thermal, pulled the throttle to idle, and sat in it for about two minutes until it dissapeard.

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