Defeat the Harbinger of War

After trying for three weeks, I finally completed “Defeat the Harbinger of War” in LoN. I had managed to get a few really useful common units in a trade for an event pass. I added these units to my deck to increase the ratio between units and abilities and it worked like a charm. My scout deck is now made up of 74 cards and seems to be fairly effective. I have 27% abilities and 35% units. My general philosophy when playing this deck is that I have enough units to protect my avatar from a large proportion of attacks while I am questing. Patience seems to work quite well and I often find it better to play units instead of abilities and simply bide my time until the opportunity arises to continue or complete a quest. I will be interested to see how this deck fairs in a timed match.

Fighter starter deck

I bough another booster pack this week, but this one remained closed and I made a really good trade for the Fighter starter deck and a few commons, some uncommons and even a rare. So now I have 3 of the four starter decks and a collection of just over 300 cards. Unfortunately I am sitting with more than 4 of a lot of cards but I’m a bit lazy about posting trades of my own so for now I’ll just keep them. Next on my “I want list” is the priest starter deck which will complete my collection of all four starters and a I will then be able to play any archetype.

And then I moved on to play EQ2 and give Skog his much needed equipment upgrade.


I also discovered the value of the new appearance tab. As you can see, the chest piece in the above screen shot looks awful but I wanted the stats. I found a complete set of enchanted grove armor on the broker. It was reasonably priced and so it became Skog’s new fashion statement. The new appearance tab meant that I could have the matching set.


And now I feel like I can head back to Steamfont mountains and tackle the level 35 wolves and kobolds. I still have two quests in Qeynos harbour, relating to the RoK content which is due out next month. Its interesting that I have not seen any opportunity for preordering RoK yet. Maybe SOE hasn’t offered preorders yet or maybe I just need to pay more attention to what going on in the news. And now Skog will model his new outfit in Qeynos Harbour.

Modeling school

I am hoping to get some game time this weekend and maybe join the LoN tournament tomorrow night. My aim in EQ2 is to finish the RoK teaser quests and move back to Steamfont.

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