Walk the plank!

The Pirate Ship

I finished off the Rise of Kunark (RoK) teaser quests on the weekend and thankfully I wasn’t made to walk the plank. Maybe its just my graphics settings but the reward (a ship in a bottle) looked like an opaque brown bottle when I placed it in my house. I couldn’t even see a ship inside. While these quests were an interesting diversion, they weren’t exactly enthralling.

I returned to Steamfont with my new armor to find that I could now defeat level 35 mobs (yellow con to me at 31) fairly easily. If I got lucky and concentrated really hard (and didn’t watch the rugby or A1 grand prix out of the corner of my eye) I could just manage level 36 mobs (orange con) as well. Unfortunately all the quests I had for the zone required killing mobs level 36 and up so I took a bonus xp potion and settled down to grind level 35 wolves and lions for 45 minutes.

Level 32

This is not a very entertaining way to play and is definitely a play style I try and avoid, but it does have its rewards. I quickly leveled to 32 and am now in a position where I can start going after the quest lines (I hope). I do have a lot of bonus potions left because I almost never use them. I try and save them for when I can play for at least the full duration of the effect in order to maximise my xp gain. I have two major problems here: firstly I tend to wait until I am in a position to complete several quests and do some serious damage to the mobs in Norrath during the 45 minutes the potion lasts. Secondly: I forget that I have the potion and by the time I remember its too late.

Upgrading two of my combat arts left me with almost no gold (again!) so I headed back to Kelethin and knuckled down to some serious crafting.

Crafting in Kelethin

No that’s not me with the fairy skirt made of lights. I even bought some severed fir from the broker in order to make some fir salesman’s crates, a bag stand and scroll stand. I don’t usually do this because I think its too expensive but, as I’ve said before, its also as rare as hens teeth. I just hope that the fir products sell for my asking price because that should repay the fuel cost and more.

Using a bonus tradeskill xp potion, I gained three tradeskill levels, bringing me to 29, and also made some useful furniture.  I sold all the items that did not require rares to the merchant because its just not worth putting them on the broker. I kept a wine rack for my house though.

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