Walk up the river


Finished another busy work day. No-one can accuse me of being here on holiday, that’s for sure. I did all my shopping and bought about 3 kgs of stuff (mainly chocolate) to take home to SA. I ate a rather interesting supper of cold smoked reindeer, mashed potatoes and mushrooms before going out for a walk with my camera.


My walk ended by climbing the hill in Trädjordforeningen and photographing the tower from a different angle. My tripod was on its lowest and I was lying on the cold ground in order to look through the view finder.

Tomorrow I head home to SA. I must catch the 11 o’clock train from Linköping or else I will miss my flight. I have a final two meetings in the morning and then I have to try and reach the post office. Arg! I’m not sure if I can get all that done.

p.s. I apologise for the poor quality of the screen shot in yesterdays post. It looked ok in Windows Explorer but seems to look really awful in the blog.

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