Horse rides and relaxation

Yes I know that this post is fantastically late, after all we returned from honeymoon over 4 months ago now, but you know what they say: better late than never.
View from horse back over Natal
View from horse back over Natal

On Saturday morning we went for a horse ride up to the Vulture Restaurant. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience. We didn’t canter or anything, in fact, we didn’t even trot but the walk was great. It was certainly the steepest hill I have ever ridden up on a horse. We went with Cuan who took all the pictures of us that you see here.


It was fairly windy on top of the hill although nothing like earlier in the week. The view was magnificent and I love the photo above.

Tenahead Mountain Lodge
Tenahead Mountain Lodge

On our way down (just as steep) we took a slightly different route and were treated to this lovely view of the lodge. It really does set it in perspective and demonstrate the typical ‘Berg winter flora.

Down the mountain
Down the mountain

The mountains are huge and I believe that the far ridge to the far right of the above photograph is actually the border to Lesotho. If you look behind the lodge you will see a valley with snow on the right hand slope. After we returned from our ride up to the Vulture Restaurant, we made the mistake of going up the path in that valley by ourselves. Unfortunately, without Cuan to help control the horses, we couldn’t manage them and we had to dismount and lead them up the path out of fear for our safety. Mel met us at the top and one of the locals took the horses back to the police station where they are stabled while Mel drove us back to the lodge.


After a lunch of pork ribs and salad and some debate about what we were going to do in the afternoon we decided to spend our last afternoon relaxing in the sun on the deck. Janita dove straight into her book while I took photographs.

Relaxation - view to the north
Relaxation – view to the north

The sun was magnificent and warm and it was a fantastic way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

What a wonderful way to spend Saturday afternoon
What a wonderful way to spend Saturday afternoon

When I was finished taking photos I also sat down to read and we read until the sun moved off the deck. We watched the line of shade approaching as the sun slipped behind a mountain and it was possible to feel the temperature drop as the sun disappeared.

We moved inside and indulged in a bath together where we sat eating cheese and biscuits and drinking champagne. We had chicken kebabs with roasted vegetables (butternut and sesame seeds) for dinner. For desert we were spoilt with Malva pudding covered in strawberry goo.

We really enjoyed our last full day on honeymoon, riding horses in the morning and relaxing in the sun in the afternoon. I can highly recommend it!

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