Creeping up

Today was without a doubt the windiest flight with the Skyhawk. I managed 9 minutes and landed just in time. The battery doesn’t last very long in windy conditions. My flight experience with the Skyhawk is slowly creeping up and I am currently at 74 flights with more than 11 hours spent in the air. I suspect that I have actually achieved more than this but I have often been lazy about keeping the log up to date. With 26 flights to go to 100, it should take me 6 or 7 weeks at work. Since I am going away for 3 weeks vacation, I expect to hit 100 flights sometime in January.

Janita and I are moving house on Friday and we can’t wait. The old place is 60% packed and we are starting to clean the walls. The movers arrive on Friday morning and the carpet cleaners at Friday lunch time. With a little bit of luck, Telkom will arrive at the new place at Friday lunch time to and we will have ADSL straight away… I’ll believe it when I see it!

Anyway, I’m off to set up new machines here at work and then we’ll take it from there… Oh, I almost forgot, we are moving offices as well so next week ‘ll be living in a new house and working in a new office!

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