10 River View

10 River View

Janita and I arrived home one evening last week after the most incredible storm. It was huge and the river rose to the fullest I have ever seen it! I took several photos and all in all I’m rather pleased with this one (the other ones weren’t too bad either.)

Entrance hall
Enrance hall

The moment of the move is almost upon us! At the time of writing this post we have half a drive left to do (once more back to Jozi.) Then tomorrow the movers arrive and we drive back to Pretoria to stay. I almost can’t believe it but Telkom phoned me this moring to confirm that they will be coming to do the DSL installation tomorrow! Fantastic, it might actually happen and kudos to them, they finally seem to be improving their customer service.

As you can see, our house is in absolute caos at the moment. Last night we made our first delivery of stuff to number 3 and tonight we have another large load of miscellaneous items including the computer.

The lounge
The lounge

Apparently the cats are doing fine at Tony and Marguerite’s, which is great news. Other good news is that Rectron has agreed to fix my computer again and loan me one in the meantime. The graphics card is buggered and I can no longer run EQ2 or Flight Gear.


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  1. Couldn’t imagine how would a better writer of skill would write.

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