My 2007

Now I join the madding throng sitting down and frantically hacking at their keyboards as they complete their final posts for 2007. I must say that I have had a good year. It has definitely had its ups and downs especially for other family members but for me it has mostly had ups.


  1. Getting married to the most beautiful girl in the world and my soulmate, Janita.
  2. Honeymooning at Tenahead.
  3. Christmas holiday at home in Port Elizabeth.
  4. Flying from Linköping to the east coast of Sweden and returning in the most gorgeous sunset I have ever seen.
  5. Our new house in Pretoria.
  6. Skiing in Sälen, Sweden.
  7. Flying the Skyhawk during lunch breaks.
  8. My birthday: camping and hiking in the rain at Mountain Sanctuary Park.
  9. The Lion King.
  10. Returning to Linköping in November (even though it was such a short visit).

And now the countdown continues and hopefully dinner will be served soon. Its 21:15 here right now so 2h45min left to go till 2008. I wish you all the best and hope that you have a happy and prosperous year and many thereafter.

Happy new year


P.S. If any of you reading this are going to be standing next to the tower in Trädjordföreningen, Linköping, I will be thinking of you. I was there this time last year and although I was very lonely, it was by far the best fireworks display I have ever seen. 270 degrees of fireworks… quite a show!

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