A week goes by!

So here’s what I actually did (and its taken me most of the week):

  1. Formatted the windows box and reinstalled. I tried to “repair” Windows but it made no difference.
  2. Added the domain controller role which in turn installed and configured DNS to work with AD.
  3. Installed certificate services.
  4. Added the terminal server role and installed terminal server licensing.
  5. Added the application server (IIS) role.
  6. Add the file server role to securely serve Windows profile directories to AD users. (did this by 10pm Sunday)
  7. Setup MS Office 2007.
  8. Setup Bacula backup system.
  9. Setup Office Sharepoint 2007 but couldn’t restore the backup due to a permissions error in MSSQL.
  10. Removed SharePoint and MSSQL and installed MSSQL standalone with SP2.
  11. Replaced SharePoint.

Current problems:

  • The linux box need to authenticate itself to the windows box using Kerberos in order for Samba to be able to share users linux home directories in a Windows environment.
  • I still need to have another bash at restoring SharePoint backups.
  • My Documents is always located locally but should be located in the users remote profile directory.
  • I really need to learn how to edit and effectively use group policy. I need to make sure that Domain Users cannot see things like Control Panel when logged on to the terminal server via remote desktop.
  • Strictly speaking, the terminal server should be a separate machine.

Lessons learn’t:

  • Always test your backups BEFORE you need them. Our time sheet database was never backed up properly and we lost all data back to October last year when I formatted the server last Saturday.
  • If you have to use Active Directory, ALWAYS install it FIRST after installing windows.
  • A sysadmins job is never done!

What makes a SysAdmin ?

The following was writen by James R. Ware (jware@cdpa.state.ms.us) on the newsgroup comp.unix.admin.

  1. A deep streak of Masochism, very little life and the ability to wake up nice and cheery at 2am to a panicked phone call from an idiot user who has just done something stupid that is going to cost you two weeks work.
  2. At least a BS in Computer Science. With all the BS in this game, you’ll need at least that much.
  3. Experience. Of course you can’t get a job until you’ve got experience so the mere existence of systems administrators is a logical impossibility since the first one has never been hired.
  4. The patience of Job (for eventually you will wish to curse God and die).
  5. A good sense of humor – Lest the job should drive you into the SERIAL KILLER business.
  6. Good Communications Skills – So that you can tell a user tactfully and diplomatically that if he (or she) ever does anything as stupid as that again, that you are personally going to choke the living shit out of them.
  7. Good Vendor Interaction Skills – So that you can bribe your service vendors technicians so that they will actually do/perform services as advertised, on time.
  8. Good Networking Skills – So that you actually know that your multi-million dollar network is down and the users aren’t just complaining because they haven’t got the skills, training or a clue as to how to USE it.
  9. Salesmanship – So that you can get management to actually support your installation with needed capital for necessary training, software, hardware and diagnostic tools rather than tell you : THAT IS WHAT WE PAY YOU TO DO.
  10. A Severe Mental Disorder – So that you do not immediately recognize that the position of Systems Administrator is roughly equilvalent to wearing a “KICK ME, I’m Stupid” T-Shirt.
  11. A Secondary Job Skill – So that when you eventually BURN OUT, you won’t starve. You want extra pickle on that?
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