Hockey: Monday 11 February

Not that anybody could tell (everybody looks the same under 2 inches of hockey padding which makes it really difficult to remember peoples names) but this is me hunched over and stoically missing the goal (by miles) again.

Missed by a mile
Missed by a mile

An here I am (furthest person on the right of the photo). I think I was discussing the complexity of the drill with one of the guys I can recognize. Unfortunately I have forgotten his name.

Drill complexity
Drill complexity

And finally, this drill is called the three line shooting drill and it took me two practices before I got the hang of how it worked. I am the centre player in the Linköping Hockey Klubb jersey.

Three line shooting drill
Three line shooting drill

I need to add another rule to my list from last week:

  • Don’t drink too much water while doing hectic exercise.

I made the mistake of drinking until I wasn’t thirsty anymore about half way through the first session. I felt horribly sick for the rest of the session and I was exhausted for the whole of the second session.

And, now that SharePoint has backed itself up… and since I’m sitting here at work at 21:40 on Friday night… I’m going to continue my migration of our SharePoint database from MSSQL Express to the full blown MSSQL 2005.

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