Go, Legends of Norrath and Magic the Gathering

Well its been a while and much has happened at hockey. I haven’t written about it and I can’t remember it all so that’s just tough. I have also taken quite a lot of photos but I simply haven’t had the time or inclination to analyze, tweak or upload them.

Work has been insane lately and I have only left after 18:00 most nights of the last few weeks.

On the plus side, my brother has taught me to play Go and I even beat him once. Its a nice distraction that uses very little bandwidth and can therefore be played on the slowest of internet connections. This has helped to while away the time while waiting for uploads or downloads where the internet is so slow that the whole computer becomes unusable. This may sound like an odd symptom but it arises as a result of the fact that the customers website I am working with is mapped as a network drive on my local machine so that I can use Windows Explorer to drag and drop many files at a time. The downside of this is that Windows Explorer (and sometimes the whole PC) is almost unusable while the transfer is taking place.

Go Victory

I have also begun tweaking my Legends of Norrath (LON) deck. Last weekend I gave up playing with my light deck because I kept losing by miles. So I took my dark deck which still lost but not by quite so much and began tweaking it. The irony of the situation now is that the deck eventually became mostly light with only a few dark cards remaining. In fact, I now build light faction much quicker than I ever built dark faction previously. So now I win a few games and lose most others. The thing is though, that now when I lose, its only by a point or a turn, i.e. its very very close. Yes, losing is losing and I acknowledge that but at least this means that I have a fairly solid deck which only needs a few more tweaks to make it win reliably.


Last and most certainly not least is that I have started playing Magic The Gathering (MTG).
The most recent recruit to the company (Janke) also plays trading card games (TCGs) and he happened to mention that he plays Magic. It wasn’t long before we made a road trip to go and buy a deck each so that we could play during lunch (we tried playing while working but all we got was comments from the boss about how we should be booking 6 hours instead of 8 because we were playing cards so we probably won’t try that again). I bought two decks: “Dimir Intrigues” from the Ravinca: City of Guilds expansion released a few years ago and “Going Rogue” from the Morningtide expansion released a few days ago.

Theme Decks
Theme Decks (Going Rogue is the third deck from the left of the Morningtide decks)

I couldn’t beat Janke’s Warrior’s Code (second from the left in the image of the Morningtide decks) deck with either of my new decks although I could often remove some of his more powerful creatures.

Both of my decks are only capable of doing small amount of direct damage at relatively high cost (not a good combination). I am however going to persevere because I believe that both decks could win if I know how to use them right. I am going to start by tweaking the Dimir Intrigues deck and adding another Szadek, Lord of Secrets, two times Circu, Dimir Lobotomist and three times Glimpse the Unthinkable. I am also going to remove Sewerdreg because it has proved to be the most useless card.

I want these cards
I want these cards

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  1. card games are my favorite past time when not surfing the net””

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