MTG deck design by bloglight

Tomorrow, I going to enter my first ever Magic tournament, Pretoria Regionals. It will be held at the University of Pretoria during UPCON 2008.

I have a deck based on the Battalion theme deck from the Morningtide expansion. I have made some tweaks and the deck list now looks as follows (60 cards):

I’m a serious noob at this, but I have noticed that so far the mechanics of the deck work like this:

  • Small creatures come into play an grow into big creatures over 3 or 4 turns and then hit very hard (10 points or so) to win the game.
  • There is just enough protection to survive 1 big hit from my opponent. If I survive, then I can usually go on to win.

I was planing to do a detailed analysis and tweaking of the deck but am now running out of time so here are my observations while compiling the above card list:

  • Disperse and Familiar’s Ruse don’t really work with the theme of this deck and because they are the only removal I have and there are only two of them, I can’t rely on drawing them at the right time. It may be benificial to sideboard them and play something else instead.
  • Kithkin Harbinger may just work better with this deck than I could ever have imagined. Not only is it good defense for the mid game but it allows me to bring my key Kithkin cards such as Preeminent Captain, Mirror Entity and Kithkin Zephyrnaut into play (potentially on turn four).

And now, here are my changes to the main deck:

And here is my sideboard (15 cards):

This might just go down in history as the most arbitrary sideboard ever but unfortunately I haven’t had time to put much thought into it. Also, I’m running out of cards.

And now…

Lets see how this works…

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