My first Magic tournament: UPCON 2008, Pretoria Regionals

Match 1: ME = 0, OPPONENT = 2

Greater Gargadon

My opponent had a Gravepact Gargadon deck which simply blew mine out of the water. I did manage to hold on until three or four turns after his Greater Gargadon had come into play in game one though. In game two he never got his Gargadon and I managed to hold on until his life had been reduced to two (mainly by one of his own creatures). Unfortunately though, I decided to take damage from him when I shouldn’t have a couple of turns before and he came through to hit me for ten and kill me, one turn before I would have won. I suffered mana screw in the second game and that was why I couldn’t hit him harder and sooner.

Match 2: ME = 2, OPPONENT = 0

Fencer Clique Extirpate

I didn’t make a note of my opponent’s deck for this game although he was playing Extirpate so I think it was green and black. I managed to take him down in game one without losing a single life. In game two he managed to reduce me to sixteen before I ran through for the victory. My closing manoeuvre was to put Fencer Clique back on top of my library to ensure activation of Kithkin Zephyrnaut on the next turn. Game, set and match.

Match 3: ME = 1, OPPONENT = 2

Mothdust Changeling

My opponent was playing green and blue with what seemed like a phenomenal ability to grow his creatures bigger and make mine smaller. He beat me in the first game without losing any life. Once I figured out that he had a vast quantity of removal in his deck, I could plan for it and the second game came down to the wire and I won by one turn using Cenn’s Tactician to pump my Mothdust Changeling to a 2/2 and then tapping Kinsbaile Skirmisher to give Mothdust Changeling flying until end of turn. That was by far the most fun game of the whole event. Unfortunately I made a big mistake in the third game and lost concentration completely, thereby ensuring my loss. It all went downhill from there.

Match 4: ME = 0, OPPONENT = 2

Jagged-Scar Archers Imperious Perfect

My opponent played an Elves deck and basically ran roughshod over me with Jagged-Scar Archers and Imperious Perfect. By now I had discovered that my deck can hold out for a really long time against almost anything but most of the time it will lose in the end. I made a critical mistake in the second game: I forgot about the life link on Knight of Meadowgrain. We sort of guessed at what it might be but it didn’t make any difference. My opponent’s creatures were so big and he had so many of them that he reduced me from fifty to zero in two turns. I was beginning to realize another thing about my deck, namely that I was at a card disadvantage most of the time. This of course gives my opponent the advantage because if I have no cards in my hand, he can play what he likes without fear that I might counter it.

Match 5: ME = 0, OPPONENT = 2

Cenn's Tactician

My opponent fielded a blue and green fairies deck. He just ran me into the ground and was such a quick player that I couldn’t follow most of his moves and combos. It seemed to be ok though so I decided to trust him. My only mistake, and it was a big one, was that I forgot to activate Cenn’s Tactician to pump itself up to a 2/2 and not only save it from being killed but also gain advantage from having a bigger creature on the table. I doubt this would have made any serious difference though. Note to self: don’t let more experienced players bamboozle you by playing fast and confidently!

Match 6: ME = 0, OPPONENT = 2

Goldmeadow Harrier Wizened Cenn

My opponent fielded a blue and white Kithkin deck which at first I thought might be similar to mine but it turned out not to be. He beat me with Goldmeadow Harrier and Wizened Cenn I really thought I had a chance at this one and that thought was probably my undoing. I drew way too much mana in game one and ended up losing simply because all I had to play was land. My draw in game two was a whole lot better and I came a lot closer to winning but unfortunately I just couldn’t hang on for long enough and he beat me by one turn. I finished the day having not used a single card in my sideboard.

Final result: 1 win, 5 losses.

I made some notes on my deck’s performance:

  • Oblivion Ring didn’t appear often enough (I drew it approximately once per game) and was ineffective at removing a card from the game when there was another copy of that card waiting to replace it.
  • Maybe I could use one more Island. I am never short of Plains but was short of Island on more than one game.
  • With only one copy of my key cards such as Reveillark, Preeminent Captain, and Mirror Entity, they seemed very ineffective and were easily removed by my opponent so it’s difficult to tell whether they are effective or not.

Reveillark Preeminent Captain Mirror Entity

Well, I suppose that for my first ever tournament I didn’t do too badly. I even one a game and hey, one out of six isn’t a white wash. I’m disappointed not to have gained anything other than experience from the day. I didn’t even get a booster and I couldn’t buy the Lorwyn fat pack I wanted. I did get some promo cards though, namely two premium Treetop Village and two premium Faerie Conclave.

I suppose that nothing in this world is as valuable as experience and I will be better for it next time. I made two changes to my deck when I got home:

I would really like to add Door of Destinies to this deck since I think it will do a great job of improving its creature pumping capability. I also really need to find some way of alleviating the card disadvantage problem!

Door of Destinies

And that’s it. Until next time I play in a tournament or get some new cards which I can use in my deck, I will probably settle for playing my deck exactly as it is right now.

Proverb: Happiness is wanting what you already have.

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