The Saturday game

I bought a Lorwyn tournament pack and three boosters last Monday and managed to pick up some really nice green cards. I have now built a green elf deck, but that’s beside the point. I made a few changes to my Kithkin deck:

I found out on Saturday that the Goldmeadow Dodger is totally useless and also that I should only have changed one plains for one island. I ended up totally mana screwed most of the tournament!

When I arrived at Outer Limits on Saturday morning I managed to make a really good trade and picked up Reveillark, Ajani Goldmane and two copies of Brigid, Hero of Kinsbaile in exchange for one copy of Garruk Wildspeaker. Lesson: know how much your cards are worth (both in monetary value and to you as a player.)

Before the tournament started I made the following changes to my deck:

Match 1: ME = 0, OPPONENT = 2

I was beaten by the Reveillark / Body Double combo with Momentary Blink continually activating Reveillark’s ability again and again. I made a really stupid mistake in game two where I was well ahead of the game and then my opponent cast Wrath of God and I forgot to counter it! I could have hit myself… I had the counter spell in my hand and the mana to play it.

Match 2: ME = 0, OPPONENT = 2

See match 4 of my last MTG post. Same opponent, same deck, same outcome.

Match 3: ME = 0, OPPONENT = 2

Very similar deck to Match 2, with the same outcome.

Match 4: ME = 0, OPPONENT = 2

I lost against a deck which was built against tribal decks of the Lorwyn block (which is exactly what my deck is).

Final result: 0 wins, 4 losses.

After the competition I picked up two copies of Door of Destinies and made the following additional changes:

I think I need another copy of Door of Destinies because I have played four casual games now without seeing the card at all.

Saturday is the Shadowmoor pre-release and that should be fun. Until then I will play Time Stop and end this turn.

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