Shadowmoor prerelease and further constructed tweaks

The Shadowmoor prerelease has come and gone (so, as a matter of fact, has the actual release but I’ve been a bit slack with the blogging lately).

I played and enjoyed it, ending up with a total of three points out of a possible fifteen. On the plus side though, I fought every match to the death and played all three games in every match except the first. In the first match I endured mana screw in game one and mana flood in game two, thereby making the whole thing short and painful.

The prerelease card was Demigod of Revenge, seen below:

I played a red/blue/black deck in which, unbelievably, I got the mana proportions right first time (once it was shuffled properly). In retrospect I should have played green/white but at the time I believed that I didn’t have enough creatures. I did however have two Shield of the Oversoul, which would probably have been individually better than any of the cards in my mediocre deck which had a single Grim Poppet as the one and only bomb.

I did manage to make effective use of Beseech the Queen to tutor up Grim Poppet though. I just had to make sure that I remembered to wait until I had enough lands in play.

I was very lucky to pick up a Reflecting Pool which has now gone into my standard constructed Kithkin becoming elf deck. I say that because, I am now playing six elves in my constructed deck: three Llanowar Elves which produce green mana, are great one drops and serve as very good targets for my three Wren’s Run Packmaster to champion.

I want to speed up my deck and maximise my available mana slots by adding some pain lands (Brushland) as well as increase my compliment of Treetop Village to four.

Finally, I also want to add four Forbidding Watchtower because it becomes a soldier and will be a great way for me to add more creatures to my deck even though all my creature slots are currently filled.

I am quite happy with the state of my constructed deck at the moment. My decision to bite the bullet and run four Door of Destinies and four Oblivion Ring was a good one and the deck will now gold fish in five or six turns. Next weekend I will see how well it does in another tournament. As an aside, I also added two Turn to Mist to serve as both evasion and a means of exploiting Reveillark.

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2 thoughts on “Shadowmoor prerelease and further constructed tweaks

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