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So, I’m sitting here this morning brushing up on an issue that has bugged me for almost a year now: integrating windows and Linux user environments. See this post, this post, this post and this post for vague sketchy details.

I came across the following post on Enterprise Networking Planet: Join Linux to Active Directory with Winbind. This intrigued me so I looked further. This article in turn linked to another article describing Winbind: Winbind Ties Linux and Windows Sign-Ons Together

The author, Carla Schroder, had the following to say which I thought was absolutely classic:

Most sysadmins do not have the luxury of starting from scratch, and must make do with existing setups of varying (in)sanity and (il)logic.

I wonder if she accounts for the fact that even if one is starting from scratch with an MS Windows system, it is still completely insane and illogical…

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One thought on “Quote of the day

  1. Arnie

    Great article. Very useful for our new technician training manual. Always helps to have another expert opinion when it comes to bugs.: Buggin Out

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