Blogging Eye Candy

I’ve been toying with an idea for quite a while now because I often peruse the Eye Candy pool on Flickr. I have often thought about blogging about the pictures that catch my eye. In fact, for the past two weeks I have almost started this project several times but somehow I never actually did it. But hold on to your hats… here we go!

The above shot was taken by Andrew Brooks and actually I should say shots because he stitched this single image together from 45 different images taken from 3 different view points. Wow! What can I say other than awesome. The lighting is striking, the colours are vibrant and the composition makes the mood pensive, almost, expectant. Oh yea, great stitching job!

I can think of a few possible problems with a project where I blog about other peoples photos:

  • being mobbed by irate and unwitting subjects of my unwanted photo critiques
  • links disappearing sometime in the future meaning that readers can no longer see the subject of the critique
  • my Internet connection at work sucks so it is often difficult to fit this into lunch (yes, the connection is that bad!)

Until next time…

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2 thoughts on “Blogging Eye Candy

  1. /me takes camera with me to UCT, next time I go dancing.

    The lights of Cape Town might rival this, as seen from UCT’s upper campus.

    Was I to climb to the upper contour path near Plumb Pudding hill, this wouldn’t hold a candle to the pano I would create. That, however, would require some company as that side of the mountain ain’t entirely safe at night.

  2. Don’t brag. Either shows us a photo or shut up and don’t criticise other peoples.

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