Mific rares

In the last two weeks I have managed to find three mythic rares and I have opened one tournament pack and fourteen boosters. Add Ajani Vengeant from the prerelease and I now have four mythic rares.

Looking at the above cards, what do you see? Bant seems to be the strong favourite doesn’t it? But wait until I tell you that I also have two Knight-Captain of Eos and a Battlegrace Angel.

As far as uncommons go, the ones I am most excited about building my deck with are three Sigiled Paladin, three Rhox War Monk, two Rockcaster Platoon, two Bant Charm, two Kiss of the Amesha and a Jhessian Infiltrator.

… a pretty good start for a Bant exalted deck! I will definitely be looking for some more copies of the cards mentioned above as well as some others which I would love to play with but don’t own yet like Qasali Ambusher which I think would work quite well in a Bant deck even though it comes from Naya. I would also like to own and play Quietus Spike simply because I was beaten so badly with it at the prerelease.

How did I end up with so many cards? Well.. last Saturday Janita and I went to Outer Limits to see if we could compete or else get some of the new cards to play with at home. Unfortunately we were too late to play in the tournament so we spent quite a lot of time in the shop instead. We searched the boxes of commons and uncommons for other cards we wanted and we also ended up buying three of the new “Intro Packs”: Bant, Naya and Esper as well as a Shards of Alara fat pack!

So now we had a total of 11 boosters to open! We spent the whole of Saturday afternoon opening boosters. I haven’t had so much fun in ages! If you can afford it, I can recommend it. We took 5 boosters each and took turns showing each other the cards we had opened. Then we got to look through all the new cards in the intro packs. All in all it was one of the best and most fun Magic afternoons ever even though we only played one game right at the end.

We spent a significant portion of Sunday actually playing games with the new cards. My three wishes: I wish I had the resources to do this more often. I wish I had the resources to compete seriously. I wish there was a drafting group in my area.

On a final magical note, I also signed up for Magic Online last week and built the deck described in the Building on a Budget column on MagicTheGathering.com: Kelpie, Obi-Wan Kenobi…

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