Frustration sets in

I’ve been playing a bit of Magic lately. Last weekend I went down to Outer Limits for the normal Saturday morning standard tournament but it was canceled because people were writing exams. So I returned home and played in my first draft online. It was ok although I know I could have done better. I also discovered that drafts are single elimination which to me takes away some of the fun. So I settled down to duplicate my Dragon Fodder deck online (I built the deck using real cards). I came quite close, only missing out on the four Savage Lands I needed because they were too pricey. I found a couple of ideas in this article on which prompt me to sideboard Guttural Response for control matchups and Puncture Blast or maybe even Puncture Bolt against Kitchen Finks.

I wish it was possible to have a custom dictionary depending on the topic of the article: an MTG article would include all the MTG jargon, an aircraft article would include aircraft jargon including 100 000 acronyms…

Anyway… I’m enjoying Magic…

My masters is quite another issue. Last week I spent 13 hours studying. This week I already have my 10 hours and its only Thursday morning. I just can’t seem to gt anywhere. Every time I think I’ve got it I hit another snag. And that’s just the structural model. I still have to do the aerodynamics before I can even look at the control!

Two wing panels

Two wing panels

The image shows the two panels making up my wing so far. Yes… that’s as far as I’ve gotten despite the number of hours I’ve spent on this. On the plus side though, the single panel works beautifully and I have validated the results. Also, connecting panels in the other direction (along the y axis) works fine. I would give anything to be able to get this right and finish but right now I feel like its never going to happen!

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