Mystery phone call

I got a mystery phone call from Sweden today. It was really weird because I would have thought that dialling an international wrong number took quite some effort (especially since it means pressing an extra four digits: 0046). My heart rate leaped because I thought maybe, just maybe it was… well anyway, it wasn’t so we’ll leave it at that.

Oh well. I am also fighting with VirtualBox to try and get Windows running inside Linux. I got everything working and then Windows got a virus. How funny is that? Not at all really since I have been trying to fix it for a whole day and now I have to format and start again! Argh!

My masters is… going. I have spent more than 5 hours trying to animate the wing motion but I finally seem to have gotten it right.

I am teaching my colleagues the basics of software development using proper object orientation in C++. I am also designing a simulation kernel and so far I have the dynamic object interface implemented and tested.

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