Bits and pieces

Bits and pieces

Bits and pieces

Over the past few weeks I have been acquiring some of the miscellaneous bits and pieces required for the model. Most of them are shown in the picture above, including a test wing which I did in order to investigate the best way of gluing the main spar into the wing. I have also glued and drilled the ply supports for the canards (although the drilling is a bit suspect and only time will tell whether its straight or not). Using wax wrap to prevent epoxy from sticking to the surface on which I am gluing or the books which I am using to keep the wing flat works like an absolute charm.

The picture is also much better quality because I have now brought my camera to work where I will leave it locked in my cupboard so that I can take pictures of my progress. I hope that the next photo will be of the assembled (but not completed) rear fuselage and wing as I attempt to shape the curves and line the whole lot up for gluing in such a way that it is perfectly square.

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