Blogging by Tour de France

Its pouring with rain on the Tour de France as I sit here on the couch watching it and typing this. Rather them than me. I’m quite warm and comfortable.

I have returned from Wits with feelings on the positive side of mixed. The general result of the meeting with my supervisors was that I need to start writing my dissertation and submit the first three chapters by the end of August. I will also be preparing a presentation and a paper for two conferences. As far as converting to a PhD, well that’s a little uncertain at the moment because the work is so disjointed right now. As soon as we can see the whole research consolidated we can make a decision about PhD. So its back to the grindstone on Sunday with so many things to do but most importantly to start consolidating.

Somebody has made a break away in the Tour de France so if he doesn’t come a cropper on the cobblestones then a sprinter will win today’s stage. 26 km to go…

Samsung 2333SW

Samsung 2333SW

I bought Janita a new screen yesterday, the Samsung 2333SW, which is totally gorgeous. Wow! My motivation for this was that all photographs look terrible on both her old monitor and my laptop. After renting the professional lens for our trip to Kruger, I felt it would be a waste not to look them on a decent monitor. So after installing Photoshop we are ready to go and I will be posting the pictures in the next few days. By the way, the lens was awesome!

The leader has gone over the hill… Heinrich Haussler… 23.5 km to go…

There’s Lance Armstrong. Wow that was a quick bike change and the use of race radios to communicate with whole teams is quite impressive. 20.6 km to go…

Janita and I had a wonderful holiday in the Kruger Park. We recorded 80 different bird species and we saw a leopard and several Fish Eagles. I will write more about that when the photos are ready.

14.2 km left to go but in the wet conditions and on those piddly little racing tyres he better not slip! This lot is insane: the commentators have access via the race computer to the riders heart rates and power output!
6.4 km left to go…

3.3 km to go…
But they still use chalkboards to give the riders time checks?

1.8 km to go…

< 1 km to go…

Heinrich wins and his average speed was 40 km/h.

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